Live from HP's Global Influencer Summit 2012 in Shanghai!

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Live from HP's Global Influencer Summit 2012 in Shanghai!

Good evening or good morning, wherever you are. We've just sat down at HP's Global Influencer Summit 2012 in Shanghai and will be seeing what the company's got up its sleeves for the rest of the year, so sit back, relax, and enjoy our liveblog right after the break.

9:41AM "On a combined revenue basis, that's more than $65 billion, and we've shipped 120 miliion devices -- that's four devices per second."

9:40AM "Together, we see tremendous to work more efficiently with channels around the world."

9:39AM "Back in March, we combined printing business and personal computing business together."

9:39AM "We're about making technology work for our customers."

9:37AM "In 2015, the projection shows that more than 650 million people will be online in China."

9:37AM "HP's been in China for 27 years."

9:36AM Alright, Steve Hoffman is on the stage with a dragon.
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