Rumor: Awesomenauts DLC character info discovered

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|05.13.12

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Rumor: Awesomenauts DLC character info discovered
A GameFaqs forums user by the name of MirrorB appears to have unearthed information detailing two forthcoming Awesomenauts DLC characters, one of which was already teased officially two days ago.

Sprites (above) and character sheets recovered from the game's system files outline two new Awesomenauts: Coco Nebulon and Derpl Zork. Coco, also known as "the cosmic waveblazer," rides a hoverboard and attacks with various ranged and melee forms of electricity. Her hoverboard jump also has a chance to randomly result in a completely wicked front-flip.

Meanwhile, Derpl Zork, aside from being the nephew of the president of Zork Industries and having an IQ "under the level of plankton in the official galaxial IQ test," is a slug in a walking tank. Zork's "combat walker" has been outfitted with traps, turrets and the ability to "Mew enemies into oblivion by shooting explosive holocats."

Of course, none of this is officially official until Ronimo Games makes some sort of announcement, but we're cautiously optimistic that this'll all play out. We really want explosive holocats to be a part of our lives.
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