It came from the Blog: Running of the Orphans 2012 snapshots

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It came from the Blog: Running of the Orphans 2012 snapshots
Last month, It came from the Blog hosted the Running of the Orphans. We met outside of the orphanage in The Drag of Orgrimmar and grabbed our orphans. We then proceeded to complete all of the quests together to get the pet and achievement.

First, we traveled to Thunder Bluff via the Love Zeppelin and paid our respects to Cairne. We then took our orphans on a joy ride, which wasn't so much joyful as it was irresponsibly dangerous. We then paid a visit to Laday Sylvanas and debated whether she threatened our orphans or not. Upon our return to Orgrimmar, we spoiled the orphans with sweets and toys and then returned them to the poor matron.

We've held this event before, but there was one disappointing change this year: No orphans were left behind when we got on a zeppelin. Perhaps it is a cruel thing to miss, but we did. After all, they order us around all day; a little revenge seemed appropriate.

We will be holding another event this month. Look for an announcement Soon™.


Please join us on Zangarmarsh (US-PVE-H) in It came from the Blog. All guild ranks can invite, so /whisper Roblinator or any online member. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules -- basically, don't be a funsucker! Visit the guild FAQ for more details.
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