Verizon not closing unlimited plans yet, but still trying to transition customers away

We reported that Verizon was going to shut down unlimited data plans when customers purchased new phones and shared data plans were available. The company now says that while it does want to try and phase unlimited data plans out, there will still be options for customers currently under unlimited plans who are aiming to buy new phones.

Basically, if you want to be eligible for a discount on a new phone, Verizon is going to try to sell you on switching off from the unlimited plan, over to something that helps the company budget data more easily (not to mention opens you up to extra fees, if you happen to go over your data cap). Customers who currently have unlimited plans and pay full price for a new phone, will get the reward of keeping their unlimited plans for the foreseeable future. Those of you willing to pay won't have to worry.

I personally have an unlimited data plan with AT&T, and it's been more than worth it, given all of the browsing, sharing, and reading I do on my iPhone. I can see why companies would rather get their customers on more budgeted plans, but as a customer, I'd much rather pay for unlimited service than have to worry about how much data I'm using all the time.