Diablo 3 patch incoming, real-money auction house still without launch date

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Blizzard has made a quick update on its forums for Diablo 3 today, saying a post-launch patch could be ready as soon as next week. The patch, along with a number of server updates and other incoming fixes, will "further address client issues and apply additional bug fixes." One of the biggest issues is that, while the servers were bobbing up and down like buoys in the ocean last week, lots of players weren't able to earn achievements. Blizzard says it's still working on a solution.

Meanwhile, the real-money auction house has yet to be given a release date. It was supposed to be online earlier this week, but was pushed back after launch last week, and is now delayed indefinitely. "More information soon," says Blizzard.

Finally, Blizzard claims it's following the security concerns of players closely. According to the company, there is no "server spoofing" going on, official Blizzard servers themselves haven't been compromised, and Blizzard Authenticators are still the best way to keep an account secure. There's no word on the PvP update or any post-launch content yet – Blizzard's main goal at this point is to make sure the game is running steadily and securely.
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