Ragnarok Online celebrates its ninth anniversary in style

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|06.01.12

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Ragnarok Online celebrates its ninth anniversary in style
Ragnarok Online celebrates its 9th anniversary in style
Celebrating the anniversary of Ragnarok Online isn't a new thing -- the team at Gravity Interactive has been doing it every year -- but to help ring in the MMO's ninth anniversary, the publisher is throwing what it calls "one of the biggest in-game celebrations to date for RO veterans!"

The theme this year is "Where the Old Meets the New," thrown in celebration of the defeat of the Demon Satan Morroc and the discovery of the New World.

Sound like fun to you? Then head over to the game's main site to sign up or visit the game's Facebook page to join the community.

[Source: Gravity Interactive press release]
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