Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter addresses player poll

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.04.12

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Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter addresses player poll
Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter addresses player poll, point by point
Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida has returned for another producer's letter, this time focusing on the recent poll sent out to players across the world. Yoshida personally addressed points regarding combat, crafting, the synthesis system, and version 2.0.

Yoshida observes that two points of constructive criticism will be used as FFXIV continues to be revised: "Many of you said that combos are too restrictive... We also received many comments that character positioning is bothersome and difficult."

In regards to the upcoming version 2.0, he notes that the most excitement seems to be swirling around the new classes and jobs, improved level design, additional maps, and the graphics engine update. "Interestingly," Yoshida writes, "Japanese players are the ones who're most looking forward to the new housing system -- a national trait, perhaps?"

Yoshida also expressed concern that a good chunk of players do not read player blogs on the Lodestone, not to mention that a vast majority of them simply do not use the Lodestone to post their own articles. He hopes this will change with 2.0, as the Lodestone will be receiving a full renovation at that time.
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