Foursquare teases a giant mobile app remake, mayors quiver in anticipation

Foursquare has been steadily adding to its mobile app since its check-in service took off. A major remake hasn't been in the cards, however, until now. The company is teasing a major update this week that will reflect Foursquare's shift from simply broadcasting your coffee shop invasions to recommending where to go next. From what little the company is willing to let slip in advance, the emphasis will be on spotting popular destinations on the map as well as more alluring location pages. There's still several questions left open, including an exact release date as well as whether or not the update is coming to more than one platform on day one; we've only seen iOS shots so far. Still, it's looking as though fans of Oink and Yelp will find something to like in Foursquare very shortly.