Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook hands-on (video)

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|06.04.12

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Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook hands-on (video)

Sony just announced US availability for its T Series Ultrabook, and though we'll only get the T13 and not the T11 stateside, this version will ship with third-gen Intel CPUs rather than the European model's Sandy Bridge processors. Here's the Cliff Notes version if you missed the earlier announcement: the 13-incher weighs 3.5 pounds (admittedly a little hefty for an Ultrabook), but its chassis is just 0.71 inches thin. Moreover, the T13 starts at $800, which is pretty dang low in the larger scheme of Ultrabook pricing. We went hands-on with the T13 at the Sony Center this morning -- head past the break for a closer look at Sony's first Ultrabook.

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