The Omni Group releases OmniPlan for iPad

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The Omni Group releases OmniPlan for iPad

Business users will be happy to know that OmniPlan from Omni Group is now available for the iPad. The project planning app is the last of OmniGroup's core productivity apps to hit the iOS App Store.

As its name suggests, OmniPlan lets you manage your projects on your iPad. The app features a visual timeline that lets you see all the tasks and people associated with a project. You can easily edit each task and add new ones from the iPad. There's also a robust syncing feature that lets you share your projects with colleagues. When away from the office, you can sync your changes to a server as well as approve or reject changes from others who are collaborating with you on a project.

OmniPlan is available for $49 from the iOS App Store. You can see a demo of the app below and read more about it on Omni Group's website.

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