Diablo 3 players in the U.S. region can now use the Real-Money Auction House

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Diablo 3 players in the U.S. region can now use the Real-Money Auction House
Diablo 3 players in the US region can now use the RealMoney Auction House
The Real-Money Auction House is now accessible to the Americas via Battle.net balance or approved payment services for some currencies. The U.S. dollar, Australian dollar, and the Mexican peso are all supported, with the EU region and more currency from the Americas to be implemented soon.

The long-delayed RMAH will now allow players to purchase and sell in-game items using their region's currency. Your home game region will affect which RMAH you will have access to, so if you have created characters to play outside the country registered to your Battle.net account, you will not be able to use the RMAH for those characters.

Only equipment such as armor and weapons is available on the RMAH at this time. Commodities will be added at a later date. In some cases, items may be held for processing. Most items purchased will be available immediately, however.

Using the Battle.net Balance for your Real-Money Auction House transactions requires that you have an authenticator or mobile authenticator on your account. Furthermore, if you choose to use PayPal (not available in all regions), you must use the Battle.net SMS Protection feature.

To access the RMAH, go to your Campaign Screen in Diablo III and select Auction House. Then press the button that shows your region's currency. You can toggle back and forth between the gold AH and the Real-Money one.

The entire announcement from Blizzard is after the break.

The Diablo® III real-money auction house is now available in the Americas game region for the U.S. dollar, Australian dollar, and Mexican peso. With the real-money auction house, players will be able to buy and sell the loot they find in the game using actual currency via approved third-party payment services or using their Battle.net® Balance.

The real-money auction house for the Europe game region and the remaining Americas game region currencies (Chilean peso, Argentine peso, and Brazilian real) will launch in the near future. We are rolling out elements of the real-money auction house separately to ensure all of our players have the smoothest possible experience. We'll have more information on the availability of the European real-money auction house and the remaining Americas currencies soon

To access the real-money auction house, click on the "Auction House" button on the left-hand side of the campaign screen, and then on the button showing your region's currency in the upper right-hand corner of the auction house interface. This will switch you between the gold- and real-money auction houses. Latin American players will have access to trade using the United States dollar, Australia dollar and Mexican peso.

Before you get started, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Regional Auction Houses and Global Play

Players will only have access to the real-money auction house while playing in their home game region (Americas or Europe only), and characters created outside of your home region will not be able to buy, sell, or use items from any real-money auction house. Your home game region, along with which real-money auction houses you have access to, are determined by the country of residence registered to your Battle.net® account. By default, Battle.net will automatically determine the most appropriate real-money auction house for you, but players in some regions may be able to access auction houses for additional currencies in their region via the in-games Options menu.

Account Security Requirements

We also wanted to remind you of a few important security measures you'll be required to use in order to access certain real-money auction house features:

Players who wish to use Battle.net Balance to buy and sell items will need to attach a physical Battle.net Authenticator or Battle.net Mobile Authenticator app (Google Play, iTunes, Blackberry) to their Battle.net account. Specifically, an Authenticator is required in order to charge up your Battle.net Balance through Battle.net account management or to select Battle.net Balance as the destination for your auction proceeds.

Those who wish to use PayPal™ (available in certain regions) to buy items or receive the proceeds of their auctions will need to sign up for our Battle.net SMS Protect service. With Battle.net SMS Protect, you'll occasionally receive a text message on your mobile phone when making PayPal-related transactions; this message contains a code that you must then enter to proceed with your transaction.

Even if you don't plan on using the real-money auction house, we encourage everyone to consider adding these extra layers of protection to their Battle.net account.


The real-money auction house will initially launch with equipment trading only (i.e., weapons, armor, and other such gear) -- we'll bring commodities online as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, we want to make sure that commodity trading remains quick, stable, and reliable. The team is hard at work on this, and we'll provide another update once commodities are ready.

Item Delivery and "Processing" Purchases

Occasionally, players may have to wait for a period of time before an item or any commodities they purchased in the real-money auction house arrives in their "Completed" tab. While we expect a majority of real-money auction house purchases to be delivered to buyers immediately, in some circumstances, we will need to hold items for delivery while we conduct a review of the transaction. Held items will show as "Processing" until the review is complete.

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