WoW Moviewatch: Bad Romance by Quixotica

Michael Gray
M. Gray|06.13.12

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WoW Moviewatch: Bad Romance by Quixotica
WoW Moviewatch: Bad Romance by Quixotica
Warning: I'll just repeat my original work warning from the first time. There's some slightly not-safe-for-work imagery at the opening of this video. I've stared pretty intently at the film, and while there's not much that would directly lead it to an "R" rating, it's still a little risqué for the cubicle farm. Try to watch this one at home.

This version of Bad Romance by Quixotica is still my favorite. It has a powerful story with real motivations, some intense action, and a real sense of narrative flow. It's a great example of how you can make a music video with depth and motion, not just a little crazy dancing.

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