EverQuest II shares planned updates and changes for June

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|06.14.12

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EverQuest II shares planned updates and changes for June
EverQuest II screenshot
Although news of late for SOE's flagship game EverQuest II has been focused on the soon-to-be-released SOEmote, the company spilled the beans about other plans in the works for the month of June, including a few changes players have been clamoring for.

One bit of news that many players have been anticipating is the release of the ability to play their own characters in the dungeon maker instead of slipping into the skin of other creatures; this feature will open on the test server in the next week or so. Another change already on the test server is the addition of icons to NPC names that flag them as quest updates.

Some zones will also get some loving: The two starting zones of Darklight Woods and Halas will receive a new coat of polish, from improved ambiance to new armor sets. More details about the much anticipated Qeynos revamp were also offered; unlike Freeport's revamp, Qeynos's revamp will see the city split into two separate zones. To the disappointment of many players, the neighborhoods will disappear except as quest instances.

There will also be improvements made to PvP and the battlegrounds and updates to the core technology. For further details, check out the official announcement.
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