Radiated Wasteland mutates into an MMO

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.14.12

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Radiated Wasteland mutates into an MMO
Radiated Wasteland mutates into an MMO
The post-apocalyptic MMO genre is about to be one title richer, as Pixel Pandemic announced the creation of Radiated Wasteland. Radiated Wasteland will be a browser-based free-to-play title that is also being developed for Facebook.

According to the game's backstory, the world has gone up in a cloud of nuclear smoke, and the only survivors have to fight mutants while struggling to survive through any means necessary. Movements, action, and combat will take place in a turn-based system, and players will be able to customize their characters with gear, skills, and perks.

Pixel Pandemic describes Radiated Wasteland's world as "an ever-evolving organic virtual world consisting of thousands of tiles." The studio says that the game will offer co-op play in such a way that Facebook has yet to attain.

[Source: Pixel Pandemic press release]
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