ABC News on new MacBook Pro: "The one to own"

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ABC News on new MacBook Pro: "The one to own"

Reviews of the Retina MacBook Pro are starting to roll out. Earlier this week, Engadget and others released their reviews, and, now, Joanna Stern of ABC News shares her thoughts on Apple's next generation laptop.

Not surprisingly, the review emphasizes the display - both the improved clarity of on-screen elements and the better viewing angle which lets you look at the screen from the side without sacrificing quality. The review also points out the impressive battery life, which lasts a little over five hours during a non-stop HD video playback test.

If you're in the market for a high-end laptop, ABC News ends by saying "this is the one to buy." You can read the full review on ABC News website. If you haven't read the reviews from other online publications, then check out this post from Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Apple 2.0 which summarizes and links to eight reviews.

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