Microsoft's mystery announcement happens Monday at 6:30pm EST, get your liveblog here!

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What to do when Microsoft schedules two major announcements in one week? Plan a liveblog and cue the speculation, of course. With a sneak peek of Windows Phone Apollo coming in just two days, we're pretty confident tomorrow's press conference won't have anything to do with mobile phone software. But Win8 tablets? Perhaps a Kindle Fire competitor running Windows RT? Now we're talking. Or maybe there's a piddly chance we'll actually hear more about Xbox Music? With no hints coming out of Redmond, your guess is as good as ours until the event kicks off. Be sure to bookmark this link and join us tomorrow at 6:30pm EST as we give you up-to-the-minute coverage, live from Microsoft's press event in Los Angeles.

June 18, 2012 6:30 PM EDT
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