Shaka turns smartphones into wind meters, gives surfers and kiteboarders the gnar they need (hands-on)

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Ever missed an amazing set in spite of your sick surfboard because you packed it in not knowing that the wind was picking up and about to deliver the perfect wave? Or maybe you didn't realize just how hard the breeze was blowing and as a result, your tee shot wound up deep in the rough. Good news, sporting friends, because start-up company Shaka is here to make you more air-aware with a wind meter that plugs into the 3.5mm jack on your smartphone. It's a small, plastic fan, not much bigger than a box of matches, that pairs with the company's app to deliver wind speed and direction wherever you are -- and it works by simply holding the thing up in a stiff breeze. The app then keeps a record of all your measurements and allows you to share them via your favorite social networks. Not only that, it also overlays the results on a map so you can see where the wind is just right for all your favorite wind-reliant activities. It's currently iOS-only, but we're told Android and Windows Phone versions are in the works as well. The price for knowing when wind perfection is upon you? For now Shaka's seeking to sell them for around $59 bucks, but that could change if the powers that be (read: investors) decide otherwise.

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