The Secret World dev blog details three-faction PvP

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.21.12

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The Secret World - PvPing at Stonehenge
Curious about The Secret World's PvP implementation? Funcom lead designer Martin Bruusgaard has penned a new dev blog that you'll want to read. It's a pretty lengthy post once you consider that TSW features three distinct PvP flavors in the form of its fight clubs, battlefields, and warzones.

Each of the game's hub cities features a fight club, which is basically an anything-goes arena. Bruusgaard says it's ideal for build-testing, dueling, and anything else that players dream up. You can also travel to rival faction fight clubs when you tire of laying the smack down on your allies.

Battlefields are all about fighting over legendary relics in hidden locations across The Secret World. Places like Stonehenge and Eldorado serve as the game's answer to instanced small-group PvP, and Funcom has added a few mechanical twists in an attempt to freshen things up.

The warzone is a 24/7 persistent PvP area where the game's three factions duke it out over various controllable facilities. The game will launch with one warzone (Fusang Project), which features perimeter defenses and an Anima Guardian that players must subdue before securing the zone. Fusang Project supports 200 players simultaneously, so look for large-scale PvP battles that reward combatants with tokens and "substantial buffs" for the victorious faction.
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