EverQuest II Game Update 64 revamps Qeynos and PvP

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|06.22.12

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EverQuest II Game Update 64 revamps Qeynos and PvP
EverQuest II screenshot
Although EverQuest II's Game Update 63 is only a couple of months old, GU64 is already hot on its heels. But instead of adding new content, this update focuses on revamping features already in-game, most notably the city of Qeynos, open-world PvP, and battlegrounds.

Besides the much-anticipated opening of Qeynos by consolidating zones, the bulk of this update is focused on improving the PvP experience both in and outside of battlegrounds. One key aim is to make "player skill [be] the biggest deciding factor in PvP combat, not gear." Changes in store for the PvP-minded are stat adjustments, consolidated open-world and battleground tokens, enhanced open-world PvP as well as battlegrounds, and adjusted crowd control mechanics to better balance the classes.

You can listen to the devs discuss the changes related to PvP and the battlegrounds in Sony Online Entertainment's latest community webcast or read more details in the announcement. These changes hit the test server on Tuesday, June 26th, and are expected to go live in the next couple of months.
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