City of Steam offers personalized alpha tour via contest

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|06.25.12

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City of Steam offers personalized alpha tour via contest
City of Steam screenshot
Have you ever wanted to stroll through a game before anyone else, taking the first steps in an untouched world and exploring areas unknown to other gamers? The devs at City of Steam are offering just that chance with an exclusive personalized tour of the fantasy steampunk game during these early stages of development.

Unlike many contests where you just submit your name for a random drawing, this contest asks tour hopefuls to post why they believe the tour should be given to them. Preference will be given to active community members, so be sure to jump in and start taking part in discussions on the forums to increase your chances! The lucky winner will then get to invite two friends along to peek into new aspects of the game, all while chatting with the tour guide developers.

So brush up on those writing skills and dazzle the judges or just check out the other entries. In the meantime, tell us: If you were the winner, would you prefer to tour the game as a Goblin or a Draug?
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