Adult Swim and Valve teamed up to give us... yep, a hat

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When Valve and Adult Swim announced a partnership involving the Team Fortress 2 universe, we winked at each other, throwing out the tired joke that it would probably just be a bunch of hats. Today, we're not sure if we should be laughing or weeping silently into our keyboards: Adult Swim has revealed a free, limited-edition Robot Chicken hat for any class in TF2, as the first iteration in a series of new stuff coming from Valve and Adult Swim.

To get the Robot Chicken hat, just sign up for the Adult Swim newsletter by July 4.

In related, not-completely-predictable news, the FAQ for redeeming the Robot Chicken hat asks and answers an intriguing question:
Q. Are you making a Team Fortress cartoon?
A. Go ask your mother.
As long as it's not called "The Hatsure Brothers" or any variation thereof, an Adult Swim Team Fortress 2 cartoon sounds like something we could get behind.

In still-related, by-now-old news, Valve launched the "Meet the Pyro" video and announced the Source Filmmaker movie-creating tool today.
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