The MMO Report: Classy edition

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.29.12

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The MMO Report: Classy edition
Yes, it's pretty much like this.
Don't call it a comeback; The MMO Report has been here for years. It's been on hiatus for a little while, sure, but it's back in business, and that means more MMO news with your host Casey Schreiner. This week opens a bit differently than normal, as Casey explains the positive outcome of Star Wars: The Old Republic's somewhat convoluted server transfers and some of the rage over comments on same.

But it's not a show just about one game. This installment also discusses the reveal of PlanetSide 2's classes and their roles, the various exploits in EVE Online, the kick off of DUST 514's beta testing, and of course, the contents of Casey's mail bag. Also, for some reason, cats. Check out the full show just past the break, and stay tuned every week for a new installment of The MMO Report from G4TV and Massively.

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