Aeria accepting Born to Fire closed beta signups

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.11.12

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Aeria accepting Born to Fire closed beta signups
Born to Fire - dual gunner
Aeria Games has issued a press release about its latest free-to-play effort, a lobby shooter called Born to Fire. The title features five classes and three game modes (deathmatch, bomb defusal, and siege), along with 12 distinct maps.

The game also boasts a replay function that works from either player perspectives or a free-floating camera. Classes include the Ranger, Sniper, Heavyfire EX, Point Man, and Dual Gunner. You can read further details on each archetype at the official Born to Fire website. Aeria is also accepting closed beta signups.

[Source: Aeria press release]
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