Toys using toy-sized Apple gadgets

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Toys using toy-sized Apple gadgets

Toys using toysized Apple gadgets

So, what could be cuter than toy-sized Apple gadgets? How about other toys using those wee gizmos? Artist and Instagram user @santlov has created an amazing series of photos that highlight that meme.

I won't spoil the fun by showing a gallery of the images here, but if you can't wait to see Sheriff Woody cleaning the screen of his iPad with window cleaner or reenacting the classic photo of Steve Jobs sitting in front of his iMac, click this link and enjoy. By the way, Toy Story's Sheriff Woody isn't the only character Santlov has created -- Jack Skellington, C3PO and Star Wars stormtroopers can also be seen enjoying the best of Cupertino.

[via Gizmodo, Cult of Mac]

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