Mists of Pandaria Beta: Many pet battle changes in next build

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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Many pet battle changes in next build
Mists of Pandaria Beta Many pet battle changes in next build
The pet battle quests in the current MoP build are largely incomplete and due for extensive updates in the next build, according to Cory "Mumper" Stockton.

One significant change is making the tamer battles account-wide and therefore only completable on one character. This does not apply to the dailies, so individual characters can still complete those quests once per day. [Edited because I originally misinterpreted Mumper's statement, though it is not entirely clear.] The same character who completes the initial battle that opens up the dailies does not have to be the one to complete them. So any other character on your account can still do those quests once per day. (You know, because they're dailies. Captain Obvious needs to stop whispering in my ear.)

While Stockton says that "significant updates" will be coming in the next build, he lists highlights of what they "have been working on." This distinction may indicate that some of the updates will not necessarily make it into the next beta patch.

Mumper's full post is after the break.

Many changes have been ongoing with the quests. Our next build should have significant updates.

A few highlights on what we have been working on:
  • Unique Tamer emotes
  • Unique Tamer pets
  • Tamer battles have been tuned up in difficulty
  • One Grand Master Tamer per continent. Defeating him/her will unlock all the daily's on that continent.
  • The flow has been consolidated to work though our two main trainers in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • We have implemented more than 40 Tamer fights across the entire game. This does not include the boss fights!
  • Daily quests on Grand Master Tamers offer the Sack of Pet Supplies as a reward.
  • A new achievement reward for defeating all the Tamers. A "Tamer" title.
  • All of the quests to fight Tamers are now account-wide. This means that the one-shot quests can only be completed by one character on your account. The daily's can be completed by any character, once per day. Account wide quests are denoted in the quest log.

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