Radian project would deliver time-lapse to iPhone

Time lapse photography can produce stunning photographs, but capturing the images to create the effect can be difficult. Kris Cheng is working on Radian, a Kickstarter camera and iPhone accessory that'll make the process a little bit easier.

The Radian is a hockey puck-shaped device that attaches to your DSLR camera. It fits onto the tripod mount and uses the trigger release input to communicate with your camera. Radian also connects to your iPhone or Android device, which can be used to set the camera options for your time-lapse photo shoot. Once you have the Radian programmed, you can disconnect your mobile phone and walk way confident that Radian will automatically adjust your camera as instructed. Radian also lets you take time-lapse photos with your iPhone, if so desired.

Pledges start at $150 for the standard Radian, and, for a little bit more cash, you can get the charcoal version with some extra goodies like an L-bracket. If funded, Radian is projected to ship in January 2013.