Sony Xperia J possibly spotted, may court entry-level fashionistas

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That didn't take long. We've only known about the Sony Xperia J and its reported ST26i codename for a short while, but ePrice has already given the purported starter smartphone the full photo tour. From cursory looks and specifications, the J will slot neatly between the Xperia miro and tipo at the start of the line and the small but potent Xperia U: while it's not believed to be quite as fast or iconic as the dual-core U, the single-core, 1GHz J could still be faster than its tiniest cousins and strive for some chic with a brightly colored back wrapped around a 4-inch display. The real highlight may simply be an Xperia that ships with Android 4.0 from the get-go instead of requiring yet another upgrade merry-go-round. When the Xperia J shows is still up in the air, despite presumptions of an appearance at IFA; however, we won't be surprised if the J appears side-by-side with the Mint when it's officially ready for a close-up.

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