Day One 1.8 adds photos, geotagging, more

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Day One 1.8 adds photos, geotagging, more

My favorite app for both iOS and Mac, Day One (US$4.99), has received an update to version 1.8 that adds a number of features to inspire your imagination in personal journaling. The iOS version is now available, while the Mac edition is still in progress.

What's new in Day One? The app now adds photos to your journal, a great way of adding memories of a special day or person. On the iOS app, photos can be pulled from the regular Photo Library or snapped on the fly, and there's also integration with the awesome Camera+ app. The Mac app allows images to be dragged and dropped right onto an entry, or loaded through the standard Finder Open dialog.

Any one of your journal entries can now be geotagged as well. The iOS app uses Foursquare for check-ins at your favorite places, and a small map with a pin showing your current location is added to the entry.

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Want to comment on the weather? The iOS app has the ability to automatically add a small color icon showing the current temperature at your location courtesy of HAMWeather -- when viewed in the current beta version of the Mac app, that information appears as a line of text. For those who like to add rich text to their entries, Markdown buttons are now available in the edit bar in case you forget your Markdown shortcuts.

Version 1.8 also adds a word and character count feature to the edit bar in case you have set a personal goal to write a certain number of words per day. I'm still totally in love with this app and have used it daily since February 27. Day One makes it incredibly simple to keep a personal journal, and the new features turn a good app into a great one.

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Day One 1.8 adds photos, geotagging, more