Awesomenauts on PC includes hidden 'Roflnauts' mini-game

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|08.04.12

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Awesomenauts on PC includes hidden 'Roflnauts' mini-game

The devious developers behind Awesomenauts seem to have hidden an adorable mini-game within the files of its recent Steam release, tipsters discovered. Deep within the folders of the PC release is ROFLnauts, a retro, Smash Bros.-style brawler from Super Crate Box designer Jan Willem Nijman and artist Paul Veer.

Accessing the bonus is simple: go to the "SteamApps" directory within the Steam folder on your hard drive. Click through the folder labeled "Common" to find the Awesomenauts directory. ROFLnauts can be found within the Data folder. A few clicks later and you've got your hands on a cute, combative bonus game.

[Thanks, Patrik]
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