The Daily Grind: Have you ever been scared in an MMO?

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.03.12

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The Daily Grind: Have you ever been scared in an MMO?
The Daily Grind Have you ever been scared in an MMO
With the release of The Secret World, the topic of horror in MMOs has taken a sharp uptick in player conversations. For some, the title is creepy and spooky as all get out; for others, it's hard to get frightened with all these other people around and a solid shotgun in your hands.

But The Secret World doesn't have a monopoly on scares in MMOs, as even the most benign titles may produce a moment or two that gives you the willies. It could be a monster that pops out of nowhere, a creature design that sincerely unnerves you, or a situation in which you feel utter dread and despair.

I always felt that Fallen Earth delivered more than a few locations and moments that deeply unsettled me, and I'll admit to even jumping in fright once when I saw a giant wolf come out of the shadows in a darkened boiler room.

So what about you? Have you ever been scared in an MMO, and if so, what happened?

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