New Sony Xperia T photos bare all, show its 'Mint' condition

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New Sony Xperia T photos bare all, show its 'Mint' condition

Sony's Xperia T photos bare all, looks mint

If we didn't know better, we'd say that Sony was playing some sort of protracted game of hang-man with its Xperia line. S... P... U... and now possibly T? It's the phone bearing that latest letter in the cryptic message that we see before us today. In fact -- thanks to -- we can see it from pretty much every conceivable angle. The S4-powered droid -- complete with foldout memory card slot and protruding camera -- is tipped to be announced pre-IFA, so we'll no doubt have the full skinny then. In the meantime head past the break -- and then tap the source -- to see the minty-phone in all its glory.

Sony's Xperia T photos bare all, shows its mint condition

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