John Smedley on PlanetSide 2's strengths and three-year plan

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.11.12

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John Smedley on PlanetSide 2's strengths and three-year plan
John Smedley espouses PlanetSide 2's strengths and threeyear plan
"PlanetSide 2 -- what is it and why do I want to play it?," asks SOE President John Smedley in a recent LiveJournal post (yes, LiveJournal lives!). In a little over 3,000 words, Smedley attempts to make the case for why PlanetSide 2 is a genuine contender in both the MMO and FPS markets. "We're thinking about a game we plan to have running in 2025. Yeah. Really," he writes.

John Smedley's selling points on PS2 are as follows: It has a "very deep" certification system, the deepest team-based gameplay of any FPS, an immersive world, no end, a huge community, resourced-based gameplay and territorial control, and familiar gameplay. And it's free-to-play.

Smedley also opens up regarding SOE's three-year plan for PlanetSide 2, mentioning possible player-owned bases, harvestable resources, a seamless planet and water vehicles, NPC armies and enemies, e-sports support, and a Mac version.
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