F2P Vanguard made official with trailer and more details

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F2P Vanguard made official with trailer and more details
Vanguard soft-launched its free-to-play model last week, but now it's super extra real: Everyone's favorite Saga of Heroes is now officially F2P.

All games now have access to the game itself, six character races, seven character classes, and four character slots. Players who join the game for free have certain other limitations, like a coin limit of two platinum, a quest count of 15, and no access to housing. Gold members paying the $14.99/month membership fee will receive 500 Station Cash per month along with full access to character races and levels, more character slots, guild-creation privileges, lower in-game fees, and a few other perks. Premium customers will also receive full customer support and no in-game pop-up advertising.

Anyone with an ongoing Vanguard subscription will be converted to gold status until that subscription runs out. Anyone with a past or present Vanguard subscription will be able to access and play all of his or her characters, even if playing on a free account that normally would not have access to a specific race or class, as well as have 12 character slots available.

Skip below the cut for a new trailer celebrating Vanguard's F2P conversion.

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