Konami is No. 2 social games publisher behind Zynga

Konami is No 2 social games publisher behind Zynga

Konami has recently received a massive bump to its financial report from its social gaming division: In the first nine months of fiscal 2012, Konami reported its year-on-year gain was driven by social gaming, which generated $348 million in revenue, up $127 million from 2011. Without context, these numbers can seem impressive, but meaningless.

Fortunately, Careen Yapp provided a background for Konami's finances during an "ask these publishers anything" panel at Gamescom: Last year estimates put Konami as the second-most-prolific social games publisher behind Zynga.

Zynga, the market giant, posted $1.14 billion in revenue for 2011 from social gaming, with $1.07 billion of that in microtransactions alone. This actually translated to a net loss of $404.3 million for Zynga, and its stock continues to remain far below original estimates, along with public perception of the company.

Being No. 2 to Zynga and being in a position to create products other than social games isn't such a bad spot for Konami to be in.