Koster, Vogel, Long headline GDC Online Ultima panel

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|08.16.12

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Koster, Vogel, Long headline GDC Online Ultima panel
Ultima Online - Stop fooling around with social games and make Ultima 2 you silly devs
The 2012 edition of GDC Online is filling out its schedule, and one of the more interesting dev panels is a "classic game postmortem" concerning Ultima Online. While the term postmortem is a bit of a misnomer since the game is still very much alive, the panel features an eclectic mix of dev personalities who helped shape both UO and the industry itself.

Original UO team members Starr Long, Rich Vogel, and Raph Koster will discuss how a "combination of insane ambition and idealistic cluelessness can sometimes result in creating something that changes people's lives and the course of an industry," according to the GDC website.

If you'll be in Austin, Texas, from October 9th through the 11th, stop by and learn a thing or two about MMOs and the folks who make them.
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