Rumor: EA putting itself up for sale

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Rumor EA putting itself up for sale
Rumor EA putting itself up for sale

Electronic Arts, long known for assimilating numerous studios under its label, may be putting itself up for sale in return. The New York Post reports that EA is looking into such a deal with various interested firms, such as KKR and Providence Equity Partners.

One of the Post's sources said that EA would be willing to sell to such a firm at $20 a share, even though the company's share value is currently just north of $13. Its stock fell from $25.20 nine months ago, although industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts that EA's stock should double within a year.

EA isn't the only company looking to shore up its future, as the videogame market is slumping worldwide since last year. One bright spot is its digital sales, which are up over 2011's numbers and resulted in a $324 million revenue in the first quarter of 2012.

EA refused to comment on the rumor, as did KKR and Providence Equity.