Star Trek Online celebrates Fleet Week

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.17.12

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Star Trek Online celebrates Fleet Week
Star Trek Online celebrates Fleet Week
Space may be a cold, dark, unforgiving place, but it's also filled with exuberant co-op adventure, so say we all. The Force is strong with Star Trek Online, as Cryptic is launching an end-of-summer event in the hopes of encouraging players to unite and work for a common purpose.

That's right: It's Fleet Week in STO. Through Thursday, August 23rd, players can earn bonus fleet marks for participating in solo and group content. Cryptic even has a special Foundry daily mission that awards bonus marks, and many other multiplayer activities will also result in extra currency.

Fleet Week may well prove crucial to fleets attempting to construct their starbases, as the fleet marks earned during the event are used to fund these projects.
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