Three new games, three different genres, 11 bit studios

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Three new games, three different genres, 11 bit studios
Three new games, three different genres, 11 bit studios
Anomaly: Warzone Earth has seen success on XBLA, PC and mobile devices, with a PSN launch incoming, allowing 11 bit studios to explore other genres with rapid proficiency. The developer showed us three of its coming titles at Gamescom, each one emphasizing variety and high-quality design on mobile devices.

Funky Smugglers has players pick illegal items off a line of fresh thugs as they pass through an airport X-ray machine, and is headed to iOS, Android and Mac in September. The touchscreen versions allow five-finger swipes, and the game is cross-platform, with multiplayer and an in-game currency focused on visual customization. 11 bit is still deciding on a price, but is considering a freemium model or selling Funky Smugglers for a small fee.

Sleepwalker's Journey will be the following title for iOS, Android and Mac, planned for a launch in October. It's a puzzle platformer in a bright, dreamy art style, with players moving platforms to get a sleepwalker across the landscape. Sleepwalker's Journey channels Braid, allowing players to rewind time if they fail or want to try a particular move again, and with three worlds and 45 levels total, there appears to be plenty to do in dreamland. 11 bit hasn't yet decided on a price.

Anomaly Korea is a sequel to the mobile version of Warzone Earth, hitting iOS and Android in late October or early November, 11 bit hopes. It features Captain Evans and Lieutenant Park running through 12 campaign levels, with a new Boost ability and a new enemy unit.

Check out some screenshots and video of Anomaly Korea, Funky Smugglers and Sleepwalker's Journey below.

Funky Smugglers

Sleepwalker's Journey

Anomaly Korea

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