Dear Aunt TUAW: Where did Preview's link annotation go?

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Erica Sadun
August 21st, 2012
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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where did Preview's link annotation go?

Dear Aunt TUAW,

I recently upgraded Lion to Mountain Lion. Such a beautiful and fluid OS. For a particular assignment, I wanted to convert a document into a PDF which Apple's Preview does it effectively.

The problem arose when I wanted to annotate a hyperlink in the PDF.

In Lion, I could do this simply by clicking Tools and then Annotate-Add a link. Apparently Mountain Lion has removed this important function!

Its like taking 3 steps forwards and 2 steps backwards. Do you know of any other cost effective/free ways of incorporating hyperlinks within the PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat is expensive!! Aunt, please help!!

Your loving nephew,


Dear Zav,

Auntie has some rather sad news for you. Although Preview apps stun easily, it appears that their URL annotation feature is not dazed but rather definitely deceased. Its total lack of presence is not due to being tired or shagged out following a prolonged Mountain Lion catnap. It's not coming back to life, no matter how much you or how hard you HIT THE SCREEN.

It may be a remarkable app, with remarkable features, but Auntie knows a dead feature when she sees one.

It is an EX-FEATURE.

Oh what the flaming goose wattles. Auntie suggests you run, not walk, to Apple's OS X Feedback page and give Apple a bit of what you're thinking.

Auntie uses Acrobat herself -- not the solution cost effective/free solution you're looking for. If you have the money, PDFPen on the Mac App Store costs US$30, or US$60 direct from the vendor's site. Buying from the vendor adds a 90-day money back guarantee. (A pro version of the app is $50/$100)

The developer shot Auntie over a promo code so she could give PDFPenPro a go. It did allow her to add linkies to a PDF in a workmanlike manner.

Auntie is sure the app is full of many worthy features beyond this, even if she found the URL option a little hard-to-locate (tap-and-hold the second button in The tools group), that it didn't quite operate as expected (it adds a URL field, regardless of what text has been highlighted, and not centered around that highlighted material), and that the icon is pretty ugly.

Dear Aunt TUAW Where did Preview's link annotation go

If you need the feature, well, there it is, and you'll only be out thirty bucks.


Auntie T.

P.S. - Got another app replacement suggestion for Zav? Leave it in the comments!

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