Audyssey's Wireless Speakers can plug into your computer, stream tunes over Bluetooth (ears-on)

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|08.22.12

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Audyssey's Wireless Speakers can plug into your computer, stream tunes over Bluetooth (ears-on)

Remember Audyssey's Lower East Side stereo speakers (now simply dubbed Media Speakers)? Well, the company has decided to give the stereo system a sibling, gracing it with wireless connectivity. The new Wireless Speakers are cut from the same mold, but feature redesigned drivers and Bluetooth functionality -- not to mention a snazzy matte white with glossy black finish. $250 snags you pair of speakers, each loaded with two .75-inch tweeters, a duo of three-inch woofers and a dual four-inch passive bass radiators, and all of which are aided by Audyssey's BassXT, EQ and Dynamic EQ DSPs for pushing sound out. We've had a some time to briefly test out the speakers, and putting it simply, they sure do sound as good as they look on a desk. Click on past the break for our initial impressions of these wired multimedia speakers packing a Bluetooth trick up their respective sleeves.

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The speakers are laid out simply, with all the basic connections you'll need for your various on-desk devices. Getting into specifics, a push-in knob on the right speaker lets you switch the power on (indicated by a green and red light) and change the volume, while a 3.5mm jack up front allows for headphones to be plugged in. There's also another 3.5mm jack on the back for plugging straight in a sound source. Next to it you'll find a Bluetooth syncing button with an indicator light, along with connections for power and traditional speaker wires to hook it up with the Left monitor. Yes, you'll be dealing with some cabling here, but these speakers are essentially to meant to stay put anyway.

Once set up, the Wireless Speakers don't give off any indication that they're also capable of accepting sound from Bluetooth-equipped devices -- it's sort of their charm. The sound was pleasing whether we used our computer's headphone out or streamed over Bluetooth from a Galaxy Nexus. Describing it a few words, the audio comes out admirably full and smooth. With the volume cranked up the bass radiators really kick, but thankfully the speakers never vibrated or budged out of place. Furthermore, the right speaker's headphone jack, was a much appreciated detail considering our computer was wired-in with the included -- albeit rather short -- 3.5mm audio cable. $250 is certainly pricey, but there is no question the speakers seem to be hitting all of Audyssey's intended marks. We'll likely have further impressions in the near future, but, if you're already interested, the Wireless Speakers are set to start hitting the streets on August 29th. Check out the press release below for all the details.

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Audyssey Announces New Wireless Speakers
Stream from Nearly Any Bluetooth-enabled Device

LOS ANGELES, CA – (Marketwire - August 22, 2012) – Audyssey, a leader in audio technology for the home, automotive, mobile and theater markets, today announced the Audyssey Wireless Speakers. The new speakers use Audyssey EQ for precisely tuned stereo imaging and a truly immersive listening experience. Audyssey BassXT provides deep bass for a full, rich sound. And the integrated Bluetooth capabilities let users stream music wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablets or computers.

"The future of audio is wireless," said Andrew Turner, Audyssey's head of product
development, "and when creating our latest speakers we paid attention to users' habits while
they are listening to music and other media. Whether listening from smartphones, tablets or
computers, streaming Netflix, YouTube or Hulu, the Audyssey Wireless Speakers offer not only convenience, but also the industry-leading sound quality that Audyssey has established."

Bluetooth enjoys near-universal adoption throughout the consumer market and Audyssey's
new Wireless Speakers satisfy the demand for high-quality Bluetooth speakers. The new
speakers are powered by Audyssey's award-winning audio technologies: Audyssey BassXT,
Audyssey EQ and Audyssey Dynamic EQ to provide better sound than comparably sized
speakers. BassXT pushes the speakers' two passive bass radiators for deeper notes. Audyssey EQ accounts for common acoustical distortions that other speakers fall victim to, keeping clear and balanced audio in all situations. And Audyssey Dynamic EQ makes continuous adjustments to account for the way humans hear at different volume levels.

The Audyssey Wireless Speakers will carry an MSRP of $299 and will be available in the United States and Japan on August 29. Australia, Europe, South America and the rest of Asia can expect to see the speakers on shelves later in September.

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