Final Draft Writer comes to the iPad

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Final Draft Writer comes to the iPad

Last month I told you about Final Draft Reader, an iPad app from the makers of Final Draft that allows users to view and make notes on their Final Draft scripts on the iPad. Of course, the number one response we got to the story was, "That's awesome, but where's the Final Draft for iPad that allows us to write scripts?"

As of today, it's here. Enter Final Draft Writer.

Final Draft Writer is Final Draft brought to the touchscreen. The app has actually been in development at Final Draft for over two years, but they didn't want to release it until they got it right. The company actually even brought in a specialized team of iOS developers to port their proprietary Final Draft system to the iPad.

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What does version 1.0 of Final Draft Writer do? It lets you create scripts from scratch, right on your iPad, for starters. The app offers built-in templates for screenplays, stageplays, one hour TV dramas, and sitcoms. Beyond simply creating screenplays, the app also offers several pro features found in the desktop version, including SmartType technology that remembers your Character Names, Scene Headings, etc; Character Highlighting that allows you to call out specific character dialogue in the script; the ability to show Active or Collated Revisions with colored pages; the ability to quickly switch from one revision to the next; a host of reports including Cast, Scene, and Location reports; a specialized Final Draft keyboard header that easily lets you navigate or add script elements; and much more. Sharing features include AirPrint printing, Dropbox integration, and importing scripts through iTunes or email.

Final Draft Writer isn't going to replace Final Draft for OS X, just like no word processor for iOS will ever replace desktop word processors for professional writers that deal with manuscripts that are hundreds of pages long. But what Final Draft Writer does do is give screenwriters the ability to work on their scripts any time and any where that they are away from their computers. For writers, it's a welcome addition to iOS's growing list of powerful word processors.

Final Draft Writer is available in the App Store starting today. Best of all, it's available for a introductory price of US$29.99 until September 30th, when it will go back up to $49.99.


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