Sony's Xperia J arrives in style and on budget, we go hands-on

Brian Heater
B. Heater|08.29.12

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The Xperia T may have been Sony's flagship phone for this year's IFA, but the company's promised some style for a tighter budget in the form of the Xperia J -- what exactly "budget" means in this case, we're not exactly sure. The style thing we get, however -- the J's a pretty nice-looking phone and clearly in the aesthetic vein of its Sony Xperia brethren. The 4-inch FWVGA display is nice and bright (we had to turn it down a bit, even with that white Sony tablecloth in the background) and fairly shiny, offset by a matte black back.

At 9.2mm thick, Sony's talking up the handset's svelte design. And it's certainly slimmer than a lot of handsets we've seen -- though not even close to the slimmest. It's also not the most powerful handset we've seen by any stretch with a 1GHz single-core processor inside, but it does a zippy enough job with the Ice Cream Sandwich it's rocking. All in all, the J seems like a fairly solid choice for those who don't want to shell out an arm and a leg on its bigger brother -- although we'll hold off full judgment until we figure out exactly what "budget" means. Check out our hands-on video after the break. %Gallery-163660%

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