The Daily Grind: What's one great thing from every MMO you've played?

The Daily Grind List one great thing from every MMO you've played

In my experience, most projects have at least one redeeming factor to it. Maybe it's not enough to carry the rest of the project's bloated corpse of fail, but it's still there. It can be an idea, a character, a story twist, a name, a setting, or something else.

Similarly, with MMOs, I believe that there's at least one great thing in each game. Whether you hated it on sight, fell in love with it, grew to dislike it, or have regularly bashed it in your favorite MMO site's comment sections, if you're honest, you should be able to pinpoint that one thing.

Today, I propose an interesting exercise. List all of the MMOs that you have played to any decent length (i.e., more than a one-hour trial), and then share with us one great thing from that game. Was it the graphics, the community, a cool gameplay feature, or another aspect entirely? If you're honest -- and push down that sarcasm that's threatening to bubble up -- I bet you can fill out this list completely. Get to it!

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