Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Flavors of WoW

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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Flavors of WoW
Blog Azeroth Shared Topic Flavors of WoW
Each week, Blog Azeroth hosts a shared topic for bloggers to answer on their own blogs and then link to in the forum. Last week, Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief asked:
It would not be uncommon to hear about the initial release of World of Warcraft as Vanilla or Classic. In terms of ice cream or gelato (which is my preference), Vanilla was once considered the most popular flavour of it's time. So if Vanilla represents Classic WoW, what flavours could represent the following expansions?
Mmmm, ice cream.

The crusade for deliciousness

When I think of The Burning Crusade, I think of brightly colored to the point of garish. I also think of things that I wouldn't necessarily have thought would have gone together -- like outer space and Azeroth. While I really liked the expansion, being forced to go back there in order to get through to the next content gets a little old.

Ice cream flavor: The Creamsicle. It has a garish orange outside and is vanilla ice cream on the inside. Orange and vanilla? I never would have chosen those two tastes together, but it was a favorite treat from the ice cream truck in days of yore. I eat one now and it tastes good, but I definitely don't want to fill the freezer with them.

Wrath of the ice cream vendor

O, Arthas, how I loved your evilness. Wrath of the Lich King included so many things I wanted, like a hero class and the continuation of one of my favorite Warcraft stories. I found the music and the scenery of Northrend deliciously dark, but I did get tired of it all more quickly than I would have liked.

Ice cream flavor: Chocolate chocolate chip. Oh so good, but so very rich that after a while, it's hard to finish.

Dragons are cool and so is ice cream

I seem to have liked Cataclysm more than most. I loved the revamp of the vanilla quests and storylines. I loved being a part of those storylines. And Deathwing flying around randomly wreaking havoc? Yes, please.

Ice cream flavor: The Drumstick. Vanilla on the inside, lots of fun stuff on the outside.

Ice cream of Pandaria

I can't wait for Mists of Pandaria to go live. Pet battles and pandarens and monks, oh my! I think this expansion is going to take up much more time than what's good for me. Also, I really like the fact that Mists takes us off the beaten path.

Ice cream flavor: Häagen-Dazs® Rocky Road. It has to be from Häagen-Dazs® because only they have the marshmallow crack sauce. Seriously, there must be something illegal in there, because I can't stop eating it once I start. I know proper marshmallows are canon for a Rocky Road, but just like MoP, I enjoy going off the beaten path.

What ice cream flavors do you think best represent the expansions? Blog about it and post the link in Blog Azeroth or leave your answer below.
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