Samsung 22-inch Transparent Showcase Panel eyes-on at IFA 2012

Samsung 22inch Transparent Showcase Panel eyeson

What's the future of advertising? If Samsung has any say so, it's going to be transparent showcase displays. Here at IFA 2012, the company demoed one such 22-inch, fishbowl-like case outfitted with a see-through front panel capable of transmitting video imagery, in addition to hosting a physical product within. The glass enclosure's no mere dummy unit, as it's also outfitted with speakers, a built-in PC, LED strip and offers the option to include a touch screen. To highlight just what this kit's capable of, a looped Gucci ad played on its front screen, transitioning from near solid to completely transparent. It's really something that needs to be seen IRL, but take a tour of the gallery below to get a glimpse of what's to come.


Mat Smith contributed to this report.