Li Li's Travel Journal explores the wonders of the Wandering Isle

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|08.31.12

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Li Li's Travel Journal explores the wonders of the Wandering Isle
Li Li's Travel Journal explores the wonders of the Wandering Isle
Blizzard has released a new piece of short fiction on the official website. Li Li's Travel Journal follows the tale of Li Li Stormstout, niece to Chen and resident of the Wandering Isle. Although she desperately wants to travel the world like her Uncle Chen, her family insists that she is still too young to make the journey. The journal follows her path on the Wandering Isle, and possibly beyond -- the entry revealed earlier is one out of 11 chapters we'll see over time.

Li Li is also the subject of the graphic novel Pearl of Pandaria, due out Sept. 25, according to Amazon. While Li Li's Travel Journal seems to depict her life on the Wandering Isle, Pearl of Pandaria follows her travels after leaving Shen-zin Su in search of Uncle Chen. While it's currently unclear whether or not Travel Journal is a lead in to what we'll see when Pearl of Pandaria is released, it's still set to be a delightful stand-alone tale.

Li Li is one of my favorite characters from the upcoming Mists expansion. She's a kid, but she's a plucky, sarcasm-addled kid, the kind that's probably too smart for her own good and fearless on top of it. Take a look at Li Li's Travel Journal for the first part of what is sure to be an extraordinary journey -- and don't forget to look for Li Li when Mists of Pandaria launches on Sept. 25.

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