Nokia Lumia 822 and 5-inch HTC device found in Verizon systems

Nokia Lumia 822 and 5inch HTC device found in Verizon systems

The Nokia Lumia 820 is fresh on everyone's minds, and rumors of a 5-inch Android device from HTC are floating around, so why not add a couple more pieces of kindling to the fire? We've been handed images of Verizon's device management system (DMD, for short) showing off a couple new devices: the Nokia Lumia 822 (in Gray and White) and the HTC 6435, which we've seen leaked as the potential Galaxy Note competitor. While this doesn't guarantee a surefire launch in any way, phones typically pop up in the DMD a few weeks prior to launch -- and it's good news for two groups of people: Windows Phone fans anxiously awaiting something fresh on the LTE carrier, and phablet fans looking for a device not called the Intuition.

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Nokia Lumia 822, HTC6435 found in Verizon systems