UKIE wants 30% games industry tax break, UK begins tax plan scrutiny

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UKIE, a trade group for the entertainment industry in the UK, joined UK gaming trade association TIGA in calling for a tax relief flat rate of 30 percent across the industry, in the hopes of stimulating the UK's game development business. In March, UK chancellor George Osborne pledged to "turn Britain into Europe's technology centre, starting with digital content," by extending the country's film tax breaks to the TV, animation and gaming industries.

Yesterday was the deadline for suggestions to the UK government on how the gaming tax breaks should be handled. TIGA previously suggested the 30 percent flat rate, or an alternative tiered rebate giving 25 percent relief to projects costing £250,000 ($400,000) or more.

After consulting with more than 200 UK companies, UKIE proposed relief should extend to the entire industry, covering indies, large studios and new companies established by parties overseas -- all with a 30 percent relief rate, regardless of budget. UKIE included relief for DLC and post-launch support in its proposal.

The tax relief is poised to begin in April, pending parliamentary approval and a round of summaries, scrutiny by tax professionals and consultation. Edge has a round-up of the whole process here.
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