PlayStation Home updated to version 1.7

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PlayStation Home updated to version 1.7
PlayStation Home has earned itself another global platform update, bringing Sony's virtual environment to version 1.7. This update adds the Camera to the Emotes menu, so you can pull it out at any time and take some pictures of your bad virtual self. There are also improvements to the in-game item store, new animated items to buy and find, and some new features on the ignore and block system, as well as some general stability improvements.

You can download and install the update on PlayStation Home right now. There are also some new deals and sales going on for Home's various virtual areas (like the x7 nightclub, above), but we'll let you find those for yourself. After all, exploration is what really draws players into Home, right? There is something that draws players into Home, right? We're pretty sure there must be something.
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