Li Li's Travel Journal updated with parts three and four

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|09.14.12

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Li Li's Travel Journal updated with parts three and four
Li Li's Travel Journal updated with parts three and four
Li Li's Travel Journal has seen a couple more updates over the past week. The story follows the adventures of Li Li as she travels her way across the Wandering Isle. As the niece of Chen Stormstout, it appears that Li Li has the same curious nature and adventurous spirit of her uncle. In part three of the tale, Li Li heads to Dai-Lo Farmstead, exploring the quiet farming community and helping fight the pests that plague the farmlands in her own mischievous fashion.

In part four, Li Li continues on to the Forbidden Forest and the Wood of Staves. Unfortunately, she runs into trouble along with way. With part three and part four, the story is somewhat established in the timeline. Li Li's Travel Journal begins before the events in Pearl of Pandaria -- before Li Li sets off to find her Uncle Chen on Azeroth proper.

Some of the events and characters in the Travel Journal actually end up appearing in the graphic novel as well. So there's a distinct progression with this story -- it begins with the Travel Journal, continues in Pearl of Pandaria. We'll presumably see the story continue further with the short story Quest for Pandaria, which will be available on the Blizzard website sometime later this month.

We're only at part four of eleven, which means there's still quite a bit of story left to tell. Be sure to head over to the official site and check out both part three and part four in their entirety, and keep checking back for more of Li Li's adventures.

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